The World’s 1st Darts Checkout Learning App

Welcome to Checkout Mind - Memorize all checkouts with a fun app!

Welcome to Checkout Mind, the world’s 1st mobile application for learning checkouts in darts by heart. Knowing all checkouts gives you a huge advantage over your opponent by allowing you to concentrate on your throw while standing at the oche.

Checkout Mind is a fun and intuitive way to learn all 2- and 3- dart finishes, without having darts or a dartboard at hand. Individualize your training and train only those situations in which you still need to improve your calculation skills. Receive feedback on your chosen targets and keep track of your success rate.

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Checkout Mind is still a young project. Please help us improving the Checkout Mind App. We are always thankful for your feedback.

Checkout Mind is Exclusively available for Android.

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Try it out and quickly improve your checkout skills!

Training - Practice all 2- and 3-dart checkout ways

  • Start with a randomly drawn initial score and 3 darts, e.g. score 112
  • Select a correct checkout by choosing the right targets, e.g. T20 20 D16
  • Get feedback on your throw and view your statistics
  • Have a look at alternative and recommended checkout options
  • Personalize your training by selecting the situations you want to practice in the settings
  • Set the timer appropriately and become quicker with your calculation

Choose Checkouts - Select what you want to practice

  • Personalize your training by selecting the finishes you want to practice
  • See your success rate in order to configure your training most efficiently
  • Choose among all possible 2- and 3-dart finishes, from 41 to 170
  • Select only those checkouts where your success rate is still below a certain level

Statistics - See your performance and the recommended checkout ways

  • See your total attempts and current success rate
  • See the different options of recommended checkouts
  • Understand backup options for certain checkouts

Settings - Choose personal settings and improve your training

  • Select "Random Miss" and some of your darts won't hit the aimed target. Learn to quickly reconsider the checkout way in case of a miss, just like in reality
  • Choose when you want to see the feedback screen in training
  • Select a countdown time that drives you to speed up
  • Reset all settings and statistics

Demo Video - Checkout Mind in action

  • Checkout Mind is fun
  • Checkout Mind improves your calculation skills
  • Checkout Mind will make you a better Darts player

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